When Is It the Best Time to Start Landscaping in Denver?

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No matter if you are undertaking the landscaping project yourself or hiring landscape contractors in Denver, remember one thing that time matters a lot in determining how soon you will get the results and how successfully your plants and trees in your garden thrive. So, to help you achieve the best results, here, we are going to share everything that you need to know about the timing for landscaping in Denver.


Early Spring and Summer

The best time to inspect your garden trees, plants, and other features on your lawn or property is the early spring. However, if you haven’t inspected them in the early spring, don’t worry; you can still hire professionals to take a look and assess the condition and specific needs of your lawn or garden.


During the inspection, one should look for any damaged, diseased, or broken branches and all those parts in trees that are growing disproportionately and can be harmful if you leave them to grow that way. Besides, you may also need to check the functioning of your sprinkler system and get it repaired if necessary.


Besides, you can lay mulch around trees and shrubs to keep the soil moist, regulate its temperature, and prevent the growth of weeds. Get some new ornamental and floral plants to add pops of colors to your green space. When you start in the early spring, your new plants have enough time to adjust to a new ground and get ready for the scorching summer.


While planting new trees, remember that Colorado State is known to have multiple climate zones. So, if you read somewhere that a plant species is native to Colorado, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will flourish in all parts of the state. So, it’s best to get professional advice on what you can grow in your home garden in Denver that will flourish well.


In Denver, the best months for inspection and starting a landscaping project are April and May. While April has gone, May is still here, which means you still have enough time to beautify your lawn and garden.


Fall and Early Winter

Most people fail to realize that September and October offer the opportunity to manage your landscape. In fact, many people find the falling temperatures of the season more comfortable to work with. As fall starts, you need to assess the damage that has been caused by summer storms and tidy up the tree branches and small plants and shrubs.


It’s also a nice time to fertilize your soil and replace the old mulch with a new layer. Organic mulch is a great way to protect any plantings that you have grown in the fall during the winter season. Another important thing to keep in mind during fall is to cut the water supply through the sprinkler system and shift to the compressed air. Otherwise, you will be paying heavy bills for the repair of your sprinkler system the next summer.


Did you know that, with the help of professionals, you can plan your landscape and manage it well throughout the year? So, if you need any advice or inspiration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – your trusted landscape contractors in Denver.

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