Should I Install A Retaining Wall For My House?

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Retaining wallUndoubtedly, a retaining wall is beneficial for every house. The wall holds or retains soil behind it, creating a more livable and enjoyable flat outdoor space for homes built on a hill or slope. Other than this, the retaining wall prevents erosion, reduces flooding, reduces environmental impact, and adds to property value. This isn’t the end; there are other benefits of a retaining wall as well.

Though the retaining wall is beneficial, people are doubtful before installing it. They don’t if they actually need a retaining wall for their homes.
To decide on the need for a retaining wall, there are a few conditions to consider. If any of the conditions are related to you, install a retaining wall.
  • If your home is located at the button of a hill or a steep incline
  • If the foundation of your home is at risk
  • If you worry about flooding in your neighborhood
  • If your house is located near a lake, a river, or the ocean
  • If your community regularly experiences flooding
  • If the water in your area has been rising to worrisome levels
  • If you are concerned about soil erosion
  • If you want extra space in your yard for gardens or a terrace
  • If you want to add interest or aesthetics to your property
If you think a retaining wall is needed, plan it out properly. One of the most important points is the material to construct the retaining. But, the best is concrete and everyone agrees to it. More than other materials, homeowners consider concrete for a retaining wall.
Why should you choose concrete for the retaining wall?
Versatile– Whether you want to install a retaining wall on sloping, terraced, or tiered ground, concrete will make it possible. You can either choose poured concrete or concrete block walls for these settings as both are durable and can endure the elements.
Sturdy– As the primary objective of the retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion and lend stability to the landscape, concrete is suitable for the same. It’s a time-tested material, which is used in several construction projects. And when you seek help from professionals for installing concrete retaining walls in Denver, it becomes sturdier.
Easy to install– Compared to natural stone, concrete is lighter. You can even install a retaining wall in your home using concrete. But, we don’t recommend it. As the installation is less labor-intensive, professionals can complete it quickly.
Design flexibility– Available in various styles and colors, concrete gives you the flexibility to construct the types of retaining walls you want. You can install a retaining wall that can become a perfect backdrop for various other installations and features in your landscape.
Complements various settings– Whether your landscape is traditional, contemporary, or modern, the concrete retaining wall will blend in perfectly. You don’t have to make extra effort or spend more to enhance the overall look of your landscape. Also, concrete is suitable for both residential and commercial settings.
Low maintenance– Last and most important, a concrete retaining wall requires no or little maintenance. An occasional pressure wash is enough to keep the feature of the concrete wall looking good as new for several years.
A concrete retaining wall is a good option but only if you get it installed professionally.

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