Is It Good to Water Your Lawn Every Day?

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Sprinkler watering grassWater is good for your lawn but this doesn’t mean you will water your lawn every day. People often do this thinking that the lawn will look green and luscious. But, it turns negative. Instead of looking good, the lawn starts deteriorating.

Not many people know that more plants are actually killed through over-watering than under-watering. So, watering your lawn every day is not a good idea. Now or later, your lawn will suffer the consequences of over-watering. Also, the chances of disease problems will increase in the future.

When should you water your lawn?

There is no such standard time to water your lawn. Everything depends on the condition of the soil. Just keep in mind that water should soak deep down into the soil so that it can reach the roots. If water doesn’t reach the roots, the plants will never flourish and your lawn will not look green.

If you find that water is absorbed at this level, it means the water will retain in the soil and you will not have to water your lawn every day. But, if the soil is dry, it means the lawn needs more water. No matter what, the soil shouldn’t be dry. Other than this, you shouldn’t water your lawn if you find the soil is moist.

How should you test the soil for watering?

It’s very simple. You just have to walk across your lawn. If the grass blades spring back, you should stop or hold watering your lawn. On the other hand, if you see your footprints, it means the soil is dehydrated.

Your objective for the lawn should be to keep the soil slightly moist in the upper six inches of soil. For this, you will require at least one inch of water per watering session or around 30 minutes of watering. This is just an approximate requirement. You should make changes based on your lawn because each lawn is different.

Should you water your lawn in the rain?

You shouldn’t decide the frequency of lawn watering without considering the upcoming rainfall. If not upcoming, you should at least consider the standard rainfall of your region.

You shouldn’t water your lawn if heavy rains are expected soon. This will lead to over-watering and it will be difficult for the soil to absorb all of it. And, if you use an automatic watering system, you should change or update the preference of the system around days expected to have heavy rain.

If sprinkling or a light supply of rainfall is expected, you should continue water as planned because it will not provide enough water for your lawn. The soil will look dry.

Should you consider other plants on your property?

The water requirements of every plant are different. You shouldn’t water your lawn considering all the plants as one. Because of this, you will help one plant but will damage the other.

You need to understand that some plants need water daily while others only need a couple of water per week. One of the factors that determine the water requirements of the plants is age. Young, new plants require more water to establish and grow a strong root system. On the other hand, mature, established plants don’t need water frequently. They need a large amount of water at one time so that their roots can maintain good health deep in the ground.

With this, you understand that it’s not good to water your lawn every day. If you are still doubtful, contact a landscaping professional.

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